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Level You Email Marketing Skills

The Original Email Story Selling Workshop v3.0

It is now time to level up your email game. Student or expert, it didn’t matter. This one is almost magic. Those who witnessed this lesson live paid $197 each, but not upfront. Nope. I had to prove it to them. They ALL loved this one and happily ponied up. This one is real. It’ll change how you do that email thing from now until infinity. Test…

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Story Selling

How to use the power of story to sell way more. This process that I developed is the original method for combining sales copy techniques and the hero’s journey story structure.

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The Trump Card

When you watch this you will see why we simply call this the trump card. Of all of the money get’n marketing trainings that I’ve done over the last 16 years. They all LOVE this one the most.

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Ultimate Sales Funnel

This is how to create the most money getting funnel possible.

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The Original Solo Ad Secrets

How to use newsletter marketing to drive massive traffic, built a list full of hyperresponsive leads, and raving fans that will love giving you money anytime you send them an email.

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