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This Trick Gets Them To Pay Attention Six Times Longer

In this short free video, I’m gonna open up my Google Analytics so you peep behind the scenes of my business and see exactly which type of media gets you six times the engagement compared to the rest. Six times the engagement means they’re six times more likely to buy if you just do this…

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The “Money Power & Freedom LIVE!” Show

This here is the recording of our new weekly “Money Power & Freedom” Show. They’re fun and you’ll learn a thing or two about marketing online that will make you money. You can watch or just listen to like a podcast while you’re working on whatever you’re up to. We do these weekly, and we get into the nitty-gritty stuff. Get caught up on all the episodes right here.

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Evolution Of The Lead Capture Page

In marketing, there are things you can copy and things you can learn. Copying in the instant might work, but the wisdom that reveals the why puts you on a path to knowing that makes you great. Here’s what I mean….

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The Original Invisible Funnel

The legendary closed door invite-only meeting where I shared with the smarted online marketers on the planet how to sell way more by NOT selling.

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Maximum Leverage Live

In my first three-day intensive live seminar I share everything I’ve learned in the past 10 years to create millions online.

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The Buyer Rush Formula

This is the candid and behind the scene footage of my consultation day with Dave and Dan from Speaking Empire. I paid $10,000 for this day. The very next day, I used what I learned from them on stage live at “Live The Dream III” and made $31,000 from a stampede of buyers running to the back of the room. That day with Dave and Dan changed has changed the way I think about selling completely. This method works from the stage presentation, on webinars, on teleseminars, or any other multimedia method of selling. This is by far the most powerful sales training I have ever had, and as a member of the “Inner Circle,” you’ve got a backstage pass. Use what you learn only with good intentions.

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Split Test Results

Everything from what color should your landing page background be to why type of testimonial should you put on your order form. Apply what you find here for mo’ money my friend.

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The Ad Lab

See the results for all my advertising in the raw. You’ll see how much each ad cost, how much traffic it generated, how many leads. how many sales, and of course the money.

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Approved Resources

These are the exact only tools and services we use to run our business. If we use it’s on this list.

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Level You Email Marketing Skills

The Original Email Story Selling Workshop v3.0

It is now time to level up your email game. Student or expert, it didn’t matter. This one is almost magic. Those who witnessed this lesson live paid $197 each, but not upfront. Nope. I had to prove it to them. They ALL loved this one and happily ponied up. This one is real. It’ll change how you do that email thing from now until infinity. Test…

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Story Selling

How to use the power of story to sell way more. This process that I developed is the original method for combining sales copy techniques and the hero’s journey story structure.

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The Trump Card

When you watch this you will see why we simply call this the trump card. Of all of the money get’n marketing trainings that I’ve done over the last 16 years. They all LOVE this one the most.

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