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From The Desk Of...
Daegan Smith, Founder Maximum Leverage 2.0

Dear Friend,

This is the MOST important lesson of them all. It doesn't matter if you're currently crushing it in your online business or you're just starting to figure it out.

Over the past seven years, I’ve been working on something that I know will be a catalyst for a significant paradigm shift.

I’m going to make 3 Bold Promises in this letter.

  1. I will reveal what I see as the most significant problem currently plaguing the online marketing space.

  2. I’m going to tell you how after seven years of trial and error, we finally cracked the code and solved it.

  3. I will give you THE blueprint on how you can take our innovation and apply it to your business.

You’ll notice, I don’t have a bunch of big fancy graphics with crazy colors on this page. That’s because this message is a deadly serious one.

There’s an unsolved problem that has plagued us for years.

Nobody looked at it like it was a problem that could ever be solved. They figured it was something you just had to “deal with.”

To be honest, I never actually looked to solve the issue myself. It happened by complete accident.

It reminds me of the story of the student who solved two of the most famous math problems.

In 1939, a student named George Dantzig solved two famously unsolvable statistics problems.

... by accident.

George came late for a class and saw two math problems on the board written by the professor. He wrote them on his notepad, thinking they were homework.
What he didn’t know was the professor was showing the class examples of math problems that couldn’t be solved.

So, he went home and figured them out.

According to him, the problems “seemed” to be a little harder than usual. Regardless, a few days later, he handed them in.

Fast forward six weeks, and he gets a visit from his professor, who is beyond ecstatic.  He tells him that the problems he had just solved were two examples of unsolvable problems in statistics.

Over the course of the next year, he became the most famous person in Mathematics. They published his work in virtually every journal.

Sometimes, you can solve even the “seemingly” unsolvable if... 

You approach it from a different perspective.

That’s basically how I stumbled across the solutions to the most challenging problem in marketing. At the time, I didn’t even realize that’s what would happen. 

I want to share how I did it, but first, let’s talk about THE actual problem.  It relates to the normal system of buying for most people online. There are two systems:

  • Your customers' system of buying
  • Your system of selling as a marketer

These two systems are always at war with one another.

Let’s talk about the first and how buying online works currently.

First, somebody has a desire, and they either look for the solution, or it pops up into their awareness by way of an ad.

They go through a sales funnel and have that big ‘aha moment’ where they realize the missing key.  Then, they can’t buy quickly enough.

They buy the product and, almost inevitably, get let down when the thing they just bought doesn’t work out for them. 

They go through this process over and over.  

Each time they go through this process, they trust less and resist more.

Every time an offer is presented to them, they become conditioned to doubt the value a little more.  As a result, over time, the potential buyer needs to be persuaded more and more before they decide to buy.

Simply put…

The more people feel like they are being sold to, the more they resist.

The main problem we face today as marketers is this.


Imagine if somebody pushed you. What would be your natural response?  Would you fall over or push back?

Now, imagine that happening every time you open your front door. Except for each time you do, you get pushed a little harder. Now, what would you do? 

How long until you just stop opening that door?

What does this look like online? Haven’t you wondered why...

  • Webinar attendance continues to plummet.
  • Email open rates continue to fall.
  • Advertising fees continue to skyrocket.

These are all symptoms of this much more profound and insidious problem of resistance. 

Currently, this is the state of affairs online today.  Trust is at an all-time low and getting even lower.

Without something changing, this trend will continue.

If the main problem is Resistance, then how do we solve it?

Unfortunately, because most online marketing methods taught today only teach you how to sell things,  they never actually help you solve this problem. They simply teach you little ‘hacks’ or use brute force to overcome this resistance.

These ‘hacks’ are usually front-end short-term fixes and don’t last very long. They give you little things like:

  • Formulas for sales webinars, videos, or ad copy
  • Email sequences that improve lifetime customer value
  • Webinar advice like “The less you teach, the more you sell.”

On the back-end... 

To make a High Ticket sale, you either need to be the Wolf of Wallstreet or have a phone room. Both, in terms of systems for selling, are complicated, difficult, highly intricate, and usually result in the buyer feeling bullied or duped.

Whether it’s the front-end or back-end of your business, you’re relying on methods that ultimately increase buyer resistance.

We need a new approach.  

Remember Newton's Third Law of Motion?

When two objects interact, they apply forces to each other of equal size and opposite direction.


The problem with trying to overcome Resistance through sheer force is that each time you use it, you create resistance.

And there’s another problem...

Relying on these methods also becomes addictive.

Your sales go up a little bit, and you’re happy.  Then they dip, and you start getting anxious. As a result, you go looking for the next new trick.

Repeat (into infinity)...

Is that a game you want to play for the rest of your online business life? Do you really want to live like that? 

Not me. Not ever again. After 11 years, it almost broke me. It took me years to recover. I wouldn’t wish going through that on my worst enemy. 

Now that we know what the solution is not, what is it? 

We start by looking at things from a different perspective. Then from that perspective, you ask and explore a different and potentially better question. Like:

“If you can’t overcome resistance, can we remove it? If so, how?”

About ten years ago, we started noticing this “arms race” surrounding resistance and started asking ourselves those very questions.

The first part of the solution only came to me when I wasn’t trying to solve anything.  It came to me, at lunch, with my good friend Russel Brunson and we forgot to pay the bill. 

Our reaction, at that moment, created a shift in my perspective that set off a chain reaction that made me question the entire online marketing process.

That was the catalyst that started everything.

Seven years later, after testing and tweaking everything, I had this new resistance-free method of marketing down to a science.

I knew I perfected the process when I had an idea the week before I went on my honeymoon and five days later had $315,000 in my bank account without selling. (Sidenote: Whenever you see me refer to the phrase without selling, just think of it as removing buyer resistance from your marketing.)

Here Are The Exact Stats For This $315,000 Eureka! 

1,141 registered for part one. 497 attended. 228 registered for part two at $97 each for a total of $22, 116. 193 attended part two. That created 97 applications. 27 of them paid between $10,000 and $15,000. 

Not a bad send-off for a month-long honeymoon in sunny Tulum Mexico, right?

Turns out, on the front-end, there IS a way to sell way more by REMOVING all selling (eliminating resistance.)

And on the back-end, there IS a way to REVERSE the process.  

Instead of convincing them to buy your premium-priced product, they sell you on why you should take them on as a client.  Once again, eliminating resistance.

But the true surprise to me, was when I discovered what to do in between the front-end and back-end

It immediately created raving fans. It generated over $100,000 most months, again without selling. 

It shortened the sales cycle to less than a tenth of what it used to be, and the icing on the cake is... 

It made what happened on the back-end so effortless that a drunk seven year old could close a $10,000+ sale with ease. (You’ll see why soon…)

Each of these alone is a significant breakthrough, but... 

Together They’re Revolutionary.  

Together, they create the ultimate system to sell anything online. 

It’s the difference between building a business and creating an empire. This is exactly what I meant when I titled this letter “The Ultimate Secret To Money, Power, and Freedom.”

It immediately impacts every area of your business.  Once you make the shift, it will revolutionize everything from your front-end sales process to selling your high ticket products on the back-end.

You will notice crazy improvements EVERYWHERE.

It’s one of those things that once you understand how and why it works, you’ll wonder why no one thought to do it sooner. This new approach….

  • Skyrockets front end sales by eliminating selling.
  • Makes potential buyers alert and laser-focused on your most lucrative offers.
  • Creates ravenously addictive fans who turn into repeat customers for life.
  • Makes creating recurring revenue as easy as turning on the faucet. 
  • Making big-ticket sales becomes an assembly line process to simply install.
  • Allows you to create profits at the speed of thought. (How? You’ll see…)
  • Makes spending money on traffic into a fun game you can never lose. 
  • Turns the most leads into the most customers with the least effort.  
  • Eliminates all resistance and doubt through the entire process.
  • You will never have to worry about copywriting ever again. 
  • Streamlines and compresses the sales cycle for any online business, so…
  • You make more profits way faster and with far less work. 
  • Inherently builds trust and credibility into the foundation of your business.
  • Ensures trust & credibility are implicit from the potential buyer’s perspective.

I’ve condensed this lesson into an on-demand masterclass, and here are a few of the lessons that you’ll discover inside:

  • There are only four critical things you must do to ensure you net seven figures in your business by this time next year. Yeah, of course, you've got to get traffic, and you've got to build a list, but the other two? You'll see. It'll be like taking the red pill in the matrix. (Hint: You gotta look WAY below the surface.)

  • Reality: The “new internet” has distractions EVERYWHERE. Bad for them, but good for you. I'm gonna show you how to exploit this, to create what I call the "Brad Pitt Effect" effect in your business. Just like Brad can walk into any bar in the world and be swarmed with "business,” soon you will too. Go ahead and smile as you imagine it…

  • Undeniable proof that you’re leaving at least six figures per month on the table in your current  business, even if your niche is as obscure as "tapping for emotional eating disorders" (Hint: See next bullet point...)

  • Then... I'm going to show how to create your unique premium-priced offer for your niche in a way that will be so easy that it will be like doing a Bob Ross painting “paint-by-the-numbers” style. (Hint: That's very, very easy.)

  • How to get them all to PAY YOU just to watch your pitch, and they will love you for it. This is so sneaky you could use it a thousand times. It will always work the same. Even Sherlock Holmes would never see this coming.

  • How to score 95 out of the 100 points you need to make a big-ticket sale before they ever get on the phone with you. (Hint: You know you've got it right when they show up frightened and nervous just to speak to you. For me, that means $2,800 every time I pick up the phone whether they buy or not.)

  • The best type of front-end offer IF you want to make selling your most expensive and lucrative products or services so easy it's almost effortless. (Hint: Think about what makes a great wine great.)

  • By using the “good, better, best formula,” you will instantly boost your front-end profits, ensuring your traffic is always at least free. This one is truly set-it-and-forget-it. Don't worry, On this one, you can just copy me verbatim.

As I said, this is the MOST important lesson of them all. It doesn't matter if you're currently crushing it in your online business or you're just starting to figure it out.

Once you truly absorb the lessons found within this masterclass, you’ll understand precisely why this is the future. Making this available to you is the ONLY reason I came out of retirement. 

It’s That Important.

Without resistance as an obstacle:

You eliminate the problems, headaches, and frustrations of running and scaling an online business.

I learned the hard way that no matter how hard you work, an online business built on the wrong foundation is doomed to fail. 

I know from experience. Trust me, if it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone, but it doesn’t have to. 

You wouldn’t build your house on a shaky foundation and expect it to last for very long. Especially when the weather gets rough. 

That’s why we made this masterclass the very first lesson and THE very foundation upon which our new monthly marketing coaching program, Maximum Leverage v2.0, is built. 

There is no more important place for us to begin our relationship. 

What is Maximum Leverage?

It’s the second iteration of one of the most successful coaching and mentoring programs in the entire internet marketing space.

Version1.0 was born of my frustration in discovering what was necessary to create a successful online business.

I invested heavily in my education, as any dedicated student would. Not just in books and courses, but $25,000 masterminds, $10,000 consultation days, and far beyond, only to find... 

Diluted, manipulated, outdated, confusing, and vaguely worded strategies that, when put to the test rarely, if ever, lived up to the hype. 

So I vowed that whenever I did find my way to success, I would do something completely different from what I had experienced.   I wanted to show people exactly what was working for me in my business, completely raw and unedited. That way, nothing would ever be left to chance. 

Most People Never Question... 

If the advice they get from their favorite “expert” is even valid. 

Essentially, if it sounds good, they believe it and then do it. The danger is that the ideas that get passed down like this, sound right, but rarely mean anything.

For example... 

I would always hear experts say things like:

“When you send an email to your list, make sure you always send valuable content.”

Sounds good, right? But...

  • What is valuable content?
  • What does that even mean? 
  • How do you quantify if your content is valuable?
  • Valuable to who?

Without a more in-depth explanation, advice like this is subjective, vague, confusing, and ambiguous. Of course, they provide no more in-depth insight or explanation. 

There Is An Answer, Though. 

Valuable content to YOU, as the marketer, is their attention. You quantify it in terms of opens and clicks. 

Valuable content to your subscribers is a feeling they may or may not have while reading your email messages. 

You have no control over how they feel. 

What you can control, however, is how many of them open your emails and click your links. 

Value to you as the marketer is in focusing on these metrics that you control and improving upon them. 

Because I had to figure things like this out on my own, I felt an obligation to share them. 

The Difference Between a Mentor and an Advisor.

An advisor is somebody who teaches you concepts that they have learned from somewhere.

A mentor is somebody who is ACTIVELY showing you the way, based on their own experience and results.  They show you all the good, the bad, and the ugly.  

Now that you know the difference, never waste your time with an advisor.

I started Maximum Leverage v1.0 to pull back the curtain and show everything as it was so that my students would have absolute certainty. Because of this philosophy, they thrived. (see a few of their stories below.)

Maximum Leverage v2.0 will take the value of this experience to the next level.

First, the same coaching philosophy will be in play.

Second, we’ve built the business itself on the foundation you’ll soon discover in the masterclass—one without resistance.  

Third, I intentionally decided to start from scratch so anyone we coach will see the entire evolution in real-time.

It’s like asking your favorite expert:

“If you had to start all over again from scratch to build a thriving online business, what would you do?”

But better, because Maximum Leverage v2.0 students will SEE the answers unfold before their very eyes. 

The experience will be priceless.

It’s like having a crystal ball and knowing all the answers to questions like:

  • Traffic: What if you never had to worry about where to get the highest converting traffic? Imagine what it will be like when you already know exactly which streams of traffic are almost sure to turn a profit.  And you knew the exact words to say in your ad copy to attract the most hyper-responsive and rabid of buyers. How much more confident you would be? How many ads would you place?
  • Leads: What if you already knew, down to the dime, how much to pay for a lead (on FB, YT, Email, Banners, etc.) so you always extract the most money BOTH on the front-end and the back-end? It’s far easier to convert a lead from YouTube with a video than with text. What if you already knew the best strategy to convert leads for every type of traffic? That’s the type of insider information that always pays dividends.

  • List: How often should you email your list? Why? What if you already knew what types of emails that made your list love you? You'll see every kind of email we send. From the, bash the hater, to the ‘max open max click’ promo, push, and everything in between. You'll see how we use emails to sell through stories. How we structure them. The ark. The specific vocabulary. And the whys behind them all. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Funnel: What if you already knew exactly what should and absolutely shouldn’t be in your funnel, if you want to make the most profit? In the past, I’ve either way overdone it or shot myself in the wallet by not doing enough. I have a sneaky feeling you may already be falling victim to the type of thinking that leads to this too. We'll get that fixed.

  • Conversions: What if you already knew the key focal points in your funnel that matter if you want to make more money, and how to continuously improve them? For example, back in 2011, I made one little tweak on an upsell that has increased profits by over 300%. I did the work once. I reaped the rewards forever. Just copy these and so will you.

  • Products: What if you already knew what your front-end product needed to be so that it’s so irresistible even you want to buy it? Then imagine making one small change to that same product, so that instead of just profiting once you get paid for it over and over again. Now, what if you already knew what to do so that it passively sells your most profitable high ticket offers? Soon you will.

  • Tools & Tech: What if you already knew what tools and software you should and definitely shouldn’t be using in your business? The danger here is, you can way overspend on software and tools if you are not careful. That money should be in your pocket, not theirs. You'll see what we use, what we don't, and why so you can follow the same guidelines. This will be instant money.

  • Outsourcing: What if you already knew what areas you should and shouldn’t outsource, so you’re only focusing on what’s worth your time? It's said that if you hire the wrong person, it can cost you over six-figures. Finding the best person for the job that aligns with your company values is more important now than ever. We'll show you when it's time to hire, where to find them, and how to sort through all the BS applicants, so you only talk to winners.

  • Bookkeeping: Back then, if I’d only learned how to do the books and manage money as well as I knew how to get it, I’d have WAY more right now and no $1,000,000+ audits. Once the money starts getting big, things get tricky. You'll see precisely how we do our books, so that when revenues increase, so do profits. For your sanity, PLEASE just copy us.

Not only will you be privy to breakthroughs as they occur in real-time to exploit for your profit, but because you'll have clarity on all the hows, whys, whens, and what-to-dos on the path of taking things to the next level, you’ll...

Discover Answers To All Those Questions That Somehow Never Seem To Get Addressed, Like:

  • What is a reasonable profit margin for an online business? 
  • How much should I be paying myself monthly out of those profits? 
  • What should I budget for my advertising? 
  • How much should I leave in my budget for software? Etc…
  • How come I'm making all this money, but my bank account isn't growing? 
  • I know something's wrong, but what is it? (A: It's one of two things for sure.) 
  • How do I know if my ads are working? 
  • What do you do if your primary source of traffic stops working or dries up? 
  • What type of paid media should you never stop using? 
  • Where should you focus the majority of your ad budget?
  • When do I scale traffic? 
  • What does it mean to scale?
  • In what multiple should I scale for a unique traffic source? (Answer: Three)
  • What do you do if your offer, all of a sudden, stops converting? 
  • Is your current offer even good in the first place? 
  • How do you structure your offer so you know it's bonkers irresistible?&n
  • I know I need to be investing in myself, but how much?
  • How much of the stuff should I just be figuring out on my own? 
  • What is reasonable to outsource? 
  • What should you, under no circumstances, outsource?
  • When is the best time to hire your first employee? 
  • How much should you pay them? 
  • Who should I hire, and for precisely what? 
  • When should you fire someone?
  • What should you split-test continuously to improve your bottom line? 
  • What do you test first? Why? 
  • What things might you be testing right now that are a pure waste of time? 
  • Where should you focus on in your funnel? 
  • Is it more important to get traffic or optimize cart abandonment? 
  • What is the optimal upsell flow for your business? 
  • How many upsells should you have? 
  • Am I pricing my upsells for maximum profitability? 
  • Are my upsells framed for maximum conversion?
  • Are my upsells sequenced in the optimal order for profitability?
  • What are good open and click-thru rates for the emails I send to my list?
  • How often should I be emailing my list?
  • What's the best day, and what's the best time to be sending emails?
  • Am I even using the right font for my emails?
  • How much should I pay my affiliates?
  • How do you even find affiliates?
  • Should you even have an affiliate program?
  • What's the best way to even pay affiliates?

See, I do things differently. The way I coach is unique. 

Here’s How It’s Going To Work

As a founding member of Maximum Leverage v2.0, by now, you already know that starting with the most important lesson first, is crucial.

Once you finish that, it’s game on.

We’ll be meeting live weekly showing you how we build, grow, and scale a 7-8 figure business starting from $0.00. All while helping you do the same by working directly on your business, live during our mastermind sessions. 

Think of it like a mastermind, but without the $25,000 fee.

Every single week you get to watch us in the trenches. We leave nothing out. Then it all becomes yours. That means when...

  • We’re crafting even more irresistible offers. These methods become yours too.
  • We’re improving high-converting funnels. Those improvements are yours too.
  • We’re discovering even more profitable emails. They become yours too. We’re ...

You get to watch everything unfold in real-time. Then you reap the rewards. Without any of the hassle or expense

Zero watered down, rehashed, and outdated (mis)information spewed from ‘expert’ to ‘expert.’ We’re rolling out the ‘red carpet’ for you… and sharing everything we do.

Why is this important?

Think about your own experience in school.

What is the best way to learn something new?

You can sit there in your college lecture and read from your chemistry book, or you can be there as the scientist discovers the breakthrough.

Which do you think would have more of an impact?

We could just teach certain things, but instead, we bring you along as we make these discoveries. You’ll see everything from an idea to implementation to results.  You will see the wins as well as the significant failures.

So a couple of things happen when you get to look over our shoulder:

  1. You avoid the failures and things that didn’t work.
  2. You learn what works and get to use our insights for your own business.

The most important thing you get is the experience of being there as we do and learn these things.
What’s more important than knowing what’s working is... 

Knowing WHY It’s Working.

I would always get frustrated when people I followed would tell me a thing to do, and it inevitably created a new list of questions with no answers.

  • How did you learn that?
  • Where did you start?
  • What else did you try?
  • Why didn’t you do it this way?
  • How do you know this is the best way?
  • What if you tried this?

When I started, I ignored them.  I would only do what I learned.
As a result, my business was stuck. I was always waiting to learn the next thing.  Maybe, I would get results. Then I’d always hit a ceiling.  

I would learn something new from a different course—the same thing happened. Maybe, I would get results. But inevitably, I would hit a ceiling.

Then came the day I had a hunch about something I wanted to try myself. It wasn’t in some book or course. I wasn’t taught it by anyone. I just thought it was going to crush it.

I tried. It failed miserably.

That was the day my business took off.

Even though that idea failed, I kept testing and tweaking and finally was able to get it to work.

The rest is history.

I started playing around more and more.  I would test everything.  I would use other people's ideas as starting points instead of “the only way to do something.”

Honest, successful marketers, will tell you that most of their ideas fail miserably.

The key here is they test their ideas.

They don’t sit and ponder on an idea hoping it will work.

They have an idea and test.  If it works, great; if it doesn’t, they move on.

I noticed this with my students, as well.

The most successful of them would use what I taught as a “starting point” and then start experimenting. 

They started to view marketing as more of a laboratory to play and experiment within instead of some rigid set of rules to follow.

By becoming a member of Maximum Leverage 2.0, you will avoid costly mistakes, and you’ll start experiencing wildly profitable breakthroughs at a pace few will ever know. 

All while developing the mindset that will unlock your true marketing genius.

I don't expect you to trust me on any of this. 

That's why I invite you to come and experience this for yourself the same way you would have a meal at your favorite restaurant. 

You come in. You sit down at your favorite table. You check the menu. You order your favorite juicy ribeye steak along with all your favorite sides. 

Then you enjoy your meal.

 Only after you've enjoyed your meal, does the waiter bring you the bill. 

You only pay if it was worth it. 

That's how I'm inviting you into our Maximum Leverage v2.0 community right now.  

You pay nothing. 

You experience everything we have to offer for two weeks. Only then, and only if you think the value of the experience far exceeds the monthly investment, will you ever pay. Here’s what to do:

Step #1 - Register Below To Get Instant Access To Maximum Leverage 2.0 & The First Lesson. You know, the MOST important one.

The first step is to click below and register for instant access to Maximum Leverage 2.0. But, don't worry, you won't pay a dime for this. 

It’s just like you're reserving your table at your favorite restaurant.

Step #2 -Then You  Consume That Foundational Masterclass Like A Juicy Ribeye Steak

Attend the MasterClass, take notes, take a deep breath, and then pick your jaw up off the floor just for a second, though.

Because this will unlock everything else you'll find inside of your new Maximum Leverage 2.0 marketing vault, and see all of our top courses and live training recordings of all time! 

Inside, you'll get instant access to things like the complete recordings of my never before released Maximum Leverage LIVE! Three-Day Seminar. You'll love it, and you'll also see why we started where we did.

You'll also get access to courses like:

  • The Ultimate Sales Funnel (Value $197)
  • The Idiot-Proof Irresistible Offer (Value $97)
  • The Trump Card (Value $197)
  • List Leverage (Value $97)
  • Story Selling Secrets (Value $197)
  • And many many more.

You’ll also get access to our Split Test Lab, my world-famous Ad Lab, and our Weekly Briefings, where we share all of our breakthroughs and failures in the raw on the path to eight figures, plus a whole lot more.

Step #3 - Decide If It Was Worth It!

After devouring the masterclass, going through all the courses, split tests, marketing breakthroughs, joining us on our live “no-holds-barred” weekly mastermind sessions, and everything else... 

If you don’t feel transformed and armed with IMPLEMENTABLE  knowledge that can push your business forward, then…   Anytime you want, within the next two weeks, just email us at our private email address (that we'll reveal at the end of the first and most important lesson), and your meal is on us! 

You should only pay for it if you love it. 


If you're like most people, you will LOVE the experience! If so, then do NOTHING, and after your first 14 days, the monthly investment will only be $197, or less than a McDonald’s extra value meal a day. 

Fair deal right? Join Maximum Leverage v2.0 now by clicking the button below.

To The Top, Daegan Smith (v2.0)

P.S. And that investment? Again, it’s less than a McDonald’s Big Mac Extra Value Meal a day. It’s not much to ask for something that will make you money and won’t kill you.

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